The work of contemporary artists is a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional assumptions and definitions. Contemporary artists give voice to the varied and changing landscapes of identity, values, and beliefs in the increasingly global culture of our diverse and technologically advancing world. Artists today explore ideas, concepts, questions, and practices that examine the past, describe the present, and imagine the future. This emphasis will give Bachelors of Fine Arts students a clear sense of what it is to produce art today and be competitive in their field.

Melissa Barraza

Art Practices & Painting and Drawing

Brian Beatte

Art Practices & Illustration

Cary Frank

Art Practices

Alex Galindo

Art Practices & Painting and Drawing

Samantha Manion

Painting and Drawing

Devan Murphy

Painting and Drawing

Erik Pendergraft

Transmedia Sculpture

Livy Onalee Snyder

Art History & Painting and Drawing

Sabrina Xu

Painting and Drawing

David Younglove

Painting and Drawing