scottie burgess


Scottie Burgess is native to Colorado. In 2016, he received a BFA from the University of Colorado Denver with an emphasis in Digital Design, and in 2018 he received his second BFA with a focus in Sculpture/Transmedia. Burgess is an associate member at Pirate: Contemporary Art, while also being active in the performance casting community. He has public work included in the permanent collection of the Downtown Colorado Springs Partnership, while also being accepted by the Museum of Outdoor Arts for a yearlong installation placed at the Republic Plaza in downtown Denver, CO, the work now living at the Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities’ sculpture field.



As a multidisciplinary maker and designer, my work revolves around mundane materials, cultural symbologies, and mediated technologies to explore formal aspects of the aesthetic experience, while contrastingly testing the utility of art as a change agent.te this use of layering in my series. As a result, I aim create a new sense of meaning from two often seen genres of photographic representation into a more abstract and contextual representation.

Existential conditions are often considered as places of creative departure, as limitations can be recognized as a means to define relationships between objects, spaces, and experiences. As agents of action, I explore intuitive primitive contexts and ritual meditative processes to circumvent exhausting systems of industry. With the consideration and deconstruction of humble materials, I seek to subvert the capitalistic view of art as product, while manifesting an authentic aesthetic experience.