kat phenna


Katherine Phenna was born in Sheffield, England and moved to Denver, Colorado with her family as a child, where she currently resides. Her artistic inspiration comes from the DIY music/art communities that she is apart of in Denver, as well as materials that she is drawn to. She works in a wide range of mediums including mixed media, photography, fiber art, installation, and painting. Her work often utilizes found photographs and objects, alternative processes, and meticulous layering of mediums. Katherine is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate with an emphasis in Photography at the College of Art and Media at CU Denver. She has worked with a variety of artists in the Denver DIY scene, including running and curating a space in October of 2018, and regularly installs artwork at music events. Katherine received the Golden Rotary Visual Arts award upon graduating high school before her time at CU Denver. She has been a part of exhibitions at Redline Contemporary Art Center, the Arvada Art Center, the Emmanuel Gallery, Studio Altieri, The GLDN Mill, Synesthesia art events, and multiple show installations at venues such as Syntax Physic Opera and Thoughts//Forms Gallery.