Kristen Paige Graney


Kristen Graney is a visual artist born in Santa Anna, California. She first became interested in art at a young age. It was around 8 years old when she started to experiment and seek understanding with art. She was originally self-taught. She began with drawing and painting, later gaining interest in sculpture and photography. Kristen continued her passion for art and devoted much of her free time to several visual art programs, including drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography in grade school. During her time in high school, she received a total of 16 Art pieces in the Annual Grandview Art Show. She has also received an academic award, for excellence in art. During her sophomore year, she devoted her time and effort to make a mask in a ceramics course.

The mask was submitted and won a Silver Key Award in the Scholastic Art Competition and showed in the Denver Art Museum. Now Kristen continues to pursue her interest in the visual arts, especially with photography and sculpture. She currently attends the University of Colorado at Denver and studies visual arts with an emphasis in photography. She Is currently working on her BFA thesis show which includes photography and sculpture, to bring her passions together into one project. She hopes to continue her practice of visual art into her career, as an art teacher.