christopher empson


Christopher Empson was born in Denver, Colorado on January 29, 1975. Growing up and living in Denver’s vibrant urban environments provides Christopher with an abundance of influence and inspiration which informs his work as a street, portrait, and social documentary photographer. Christopher’s desire to express his life experiences—both successes and failures—through the medium of photography motives him to make pictures of his relationships and surroundings every day. He utilizes his keen power of observation to understand, translate, and capture compelling photographs that celebrate cultural diversity and critically analyze the acute issues facing his community. Social justice and action are crucial values in Christopher’s life and essential components of interest in his artistic and photographic practice.

Christopher is a proud recipient of the Denver Foundation’s prestigious Reisher Scholarship. He will complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Photography from the University of Colorado Denver in the spring of 2019. Christopher’s photography has been published both locally and nationally. His work also received a Photo Excellence Award from the Associated Collegiate Press. Christopher plans to continue his education as a means of self-growth, feeding his desire to produce creative and socially conscious work that exposes homophobia and other forms of inequalities present in marginalized communities.