Nicholas Dimond


Nicholas Dimond is from Denver, Colorado. He transferred from Minerva University to the University of Colorado, Denver to study photography. Nicholas is expected to graduate in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography. For this thesis exhibition, he examines the emotional mindset regarding crucial life transitions through retrospection and visual depiction of memory. Nicholas has exhibited work in a juried show at the A. Smith Gallery located in Johnson City, Texas. He also was selected to display work in the inaugural show for Decode Gallery based in Tuscan, Arizona. In addition, he has been repeatedly published in The Sentry, the newspaper associated with the University of Colorado, Denver.

For his thesis exhibition, Nicholas will be displaying a body of work at the Redline Gallery located in downtown Denver. Most of Nicholas' work utilized digital photographic techniques to capture images that border the edge of reality. He has been inspired primarily by the minimalist, surrealist, and pictorialist movements. The techniques he employs for his work vary significantly based on the subject and ideas he intends to capture. Most of the content centers around Nicholas’ personal expression and history. His most recent series revolves around discovering identity and transition into college.