Kyra Collins


Kyra Collins is a 22 year old photographer from Denver Colorado. She is studying and majoring in photography at the University of Colorado Denver. Kyra shoots her work using a DSLR Canon Camera. Kyra has had a love for photography since she was a kid. It all began when she had the chance to walk around with a camera at the lake and take images of whatever her heart desired. As time went on, she progressed and came to the realization that she loved photographing people. Kyra's work has been influenced by her family memories, cartoons, her imagination and more. She is also influenced by Zara Israel, Irving Penn and Jeremy Jackson.     Although Kyra did not have much knowledge in creating a photograph professionally, she now has an understanding of the history behind photography.

Along with the other different techniques for photographing specific mediums and formats. She has found ways to not only feel comfortable photographing others, but making those being photographed feel confident, comfortable, and happy with who they are. She hopes to accomplish the goals of opening her own business, and to travel the world with her photography. In her most recent work, Kyra is creating work with dream-like effects to express memories and connections that I have with my family. Her work is created with a light stick to express the emotions in the image and transform the environment that the image is taken in. As she photographs her close immediate family, she is building a stronger connection with them, while learning more about who they are. With learning light painting Kyra plans to use light painting photography in her future portrait work.