Autumn Cierra


Born in Denver, Colorado, the artist Autumn Cierra, whose legal name is Autumn Webster, developed an early interest in photography when she received a simple digital orange camera that she carried around everywhere at eleven years old. Whenever eleven-year-old Autumn traveled, she took pictures of artifacts, buildings, animals, people and so on. Her fascination with the world grew as and she found that there were so many things inside of it that she didn’t understand. After enduring sequential trauma, Autumn shied away from the world, and lost her artistic voice and expression for years.

It was at seventeen years old when she bought her first digital camera that she fell in love with the medium of photography again. Her means of opening back up transformed into photography as her curiosity heightened again. Autumn spent four years studying the historical aspects and techniques of multiple photographic mediums and formats. She receives a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado Denver with an emphasis in Photography in May of 2022. Through analog and digital processes, she conveyes a part of herself through a multitude of fictional and documentary series. Her artistic practice is highly focused on representing the imagination, the self, and fear. Poetry and fictional stories inform her creative process.

In her most recent series, she documents her mental health and puts herself in a vulnerable and emotional state directly in front of a camera. Her work challenges the truth in photography, while also making a commentary on digital manipulation. By expressing the severity of her anxiety, she is able to abstract the realism of herself, her work, and mental health awareness.

Her art is available through her business, The Lens of AC: