Annika Lopez Audet


Annika Lopez-Audet was born and raised in Denver Colorado. Her work consists of surrealist photography series and spans to illustration including paintings and freelance tattoo designing. In 2020, Lopez- Audet earned an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Educational Certificate in Multimedia at Front Range Community College. This coming May of 2023 she will graduate with a BFA in Photography from the University of Colorado Denver. Her work has been exhibited in Minot State University, West Virginia in 2022, The Emmanual Gallery in 2022, and her surrealist photography series “Lovely Peculiarities” will be exhibiting at RedLine Contemporary Art Center May of 2023. As she prepares for her exhibit at RedLine Contemporary Art Center, she is in the process of brainstorming a series of acrylic paintings as well as a more surrealism photography series.