benjamin thimell


I am a 6'2" 220 lb Marine Corps veteran with a zest for life, art, literature, neuroscience, mixed martial arts, metal, horror films, fantasy and sci-fi novels, anime, and old cartoons. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, lived in Germany until the age of 9 and then moved to Colorado in 2000. My illustration method is a more personal one. The things which I find a personal connection to or which I can relate or tell stories about through my work are what I am most drawn to. I work with various mediums but the most notable are traditional ink, digital, and acryla-gouache paint. If I can tell a story using visual narratives to which someone can relate or find value in, then I have done my job as an illustrator. I believe that success is a mindset more than a state of being. Always look forward. Fortunatus Questae!