alfredo sousa-rubio


Alfredo Sousa is an artist specialized in Illustration, born in Fairfax, Virginia but who's childhood and adolescence spent in Lima, Peru country in South America.

Since he was a little boy he developed a peculiar interest for drawing American cartoon and anime characters, during this period of times he found out he loved depicting characters and that he enjoyed drawing.

Fredo's style of drawing is edgy, gritty, sketchy looking, with urban-culture qualities to it.

His work is meant to reach the thousands of people around the world, and through his graphics make a change that can impact the world, be by apparel trends, or by paintings on murals or on any other medium, by posters, or by graphic novels, whatever it be.

For his thesis project, in short, he used t-shirts to deliver messages through his illustration work.

The world is yet to see more of his creativity and imagination fill the cracks of society.