Lukasz Dylan Lyesnyansky


Lukasz Lyesnyansky is a full-time undergraduate student in the illustration department at the University of Colorado Denver graduating in December 2021. Having a passion for creating characters, he has been drawing creatures and humans ever since he was able to pick up a pencil. Over the years he has created webcomics and stories with his friends to try to satisfy that hunger to create queer stories that haven’t been told yet.

Lukasz was born and raised in Denver Colorado, having enjoyed the mountains and the fresh higher altitude his entire life. Lukasz also works at a popular coffee stand where he makes short comics with his coworkers about the connections they make at work.

When Lukasz is not creating or downing four cups of nitro cold brew he can be found listening to Dungeons and Dragons podcasts, attending to his variety of plants, playing way too much in the rain, and crying over fictional video game characters that he cannot actually marry in real life.