Max J. Julien


Max was born and raised in Denver, just a few miles from Auraria. The son of an artist he has had the good fortune of being encouraged at every turn to pursue a creative career. He has always been interested in more though. Seeing Denver change in his 22 years of life has prompted him to investigate not only the environment but the society of people within it. Max’s work is asking questions about what is needed to preserve our habitat and make the outdoors more accessible to more people. Max loves cycling and bike culture. While he hopes to work in that industry someday, his art celebrates the positives of the outdoors and that culture, he is also critical of its dark elements. The pandemic has accentuated both light and dark as demand for parks and recreation has skyrocketed, simultaneously supply remains woefully inadequate. All the while general well being in Denver is continuing to decline as inequity spreads. That has inspired Max to leverage his skills in illustration and design to advocate change in this city and beyond.