melissa jacobi


From 18 wheelers to cubicles, I’ve done a lot in my life. But one thing remained consistent: a love of art and books. I grew up in a stack of books, curled up in my mother’s arms as she read to me. And I'd peek in my uncle’s art studio to admire rows of paint tubes, brushes and solvent jars. Illustration and literature are a powerful gift for young minds and old. A friend when you can’t find a real one, a hug when nobody is around or an adventure when you need an escape. Illustrations communicate something visceral told in a glance, yet also provide for humor, imagination and fun. I aspire my illustrations to have a timeless and thought provoking influence, with a smile. My illustration style is a traditional one; working primarily in ink, watercolor and gouache. I like to illustrate animals, using anthropomorphism and humor. I am inspired by Beatrix Potter, Barry Blitt and William Steig. I seek to publish influential children’s picture books and one day open an art and literacy center for children.