Ella B. Srholez


Ella (she/they) is graduating this May with a BFA in Illustration (but you already probably knew that because they’re on this page), and is looking to launch a career in storyboarding and other facets of animation production. Art runs in the family, with a lineage of silversmiths, painters, and a chainsaw artist, so of course the natural next step was cartooning. With a lifelong interest in wacky animation and watching student films on YouTube in 2016, she was inspired to pursue that work for herself… and here we are!

Also dabbling in fine arts, Ella has participated in a variety of professional exhibitions and organized two for the CU Denver Art Practices Club-- The Fall Art Market (2023), Rebirth, New Life, and Resurrection (2023) and most recently, The Ties That Bind Us (2024). They have experience with traditional painting, drawing, clay, ink-work, and a big menagerie of others, but currently is working primarily with digital programs like Procreate, Photoshop, and Blender.

Someday she hopes to have professional accolades as a director and storyteller extraordinaire, but in the meantime, will keep dreaming big dreams and working hard towards them with many films and passion projects to come in the future.