Dylan M. Turner


Denver-based artist Dylan M. Turner is finishing his BFA in Illustration from the University of Colorado Denver with the addition of two minor degrees in Painting and Drawing and Digital Design. Dylan's illustration practice focuses on storytelling, 3D world-building, virtual asset creation, and character design. His artwork caters to game developers, anime lovers, Web 3.0 creators, and graphic novel readers.

Graphic novelists have the creative license to represent some of the world's most serious topics through fantasy. Experimenting with a range of subject matter and choosing to write narratives about serious issues is one of the main reasons that Dylan pursued illustration. Growing up in a mixed-race family opened his eyes to the harsh realities of representation and lack thereof, for his younger siblings to see themselves within the heroes of the stories. Dylan plans to publish many graphic novels someday, each with a blended cast of unforgettable characters inspired by his ever-growing mixed-race family