Dee Ahima


Dee Ahima is an illustrator based in Denver, Colorado. Her passion is to reveal the magic in everyday life through her works. She discovered her love of art as a child, sharing her comics, characters, and stories with others wherever she could. She realized while reading the credits of her favorite animated works that real people created the worlds and stories that had impacted her life. Knowing that these artists must have started as dreamers like her, she is determined to share her stories with the world as well!

Dee’s hope for her works is to support those whose perspectives are often ignored in popular media, especially people living with mental illness, disabilities, and neurodivergence. She cares deeply about the wellbeing of this planet and all who call it home, believing storytelling has an amazing potential to transform and connect. In her spare time, Dee enjoys writing music, gardening on her balcony, and continuing training with her service dog and darling Yorkiepoo, Pippa.