Isa Watson

Digital Animation

Isa Watson is a vegan, non-binary, Filipinx, born and raised in Southern Colorado. They dabble in several facets of the arts, such as singing-songwriting, drawing, painting, and animation. They also hand-design fashion out of secondhand, throw-away items such as jewellery made with broken guitar strings. Isa Watson was raised by a family full of artists and musicians, which naturally nurtured their passion for art and music. At the budding age of 14, Isa attended Pueblo Community College, helping them graduate high school 2 years later. After high school graduation, Isa took time off academics, developing a love for singing and songwriting.

Isa returned to Pueblo Community College to receive an associate degree in studio art. Not long after, they transferred to CU Denver to pursue a bachelor’s degree in 3D animation. Isa brings a fresh look to many mediums by expressing their love for subjects such as music, animals, and the human spirit. Their techniques are as diverse as their subjects, giving their work a uniqueness that evokes deep thought and a fearlessness in expression. With such innate ambition, Isa will surely continue to develop their skills and broaden their opportunities to expose their art throughout their generation.