Hannah Grace Meseck

Digital Animation

Hannah will be graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in 3D Graphics and Animation this Spring 2022 from the University of Colorado Denver. She hopes to be able to tell meaningful stories and bring them to life through her art. Hannah has always enjoyed immersing herself in colorful cartoon worlds ever since childhood, and has a deep passion for animation and all its facets. Ever since she was young, Hannah could be found drawing on every napkin, making silly characters and cartoons based on the detailed world around her.

In college, she found herself lucky enough to pursue her passion, and fell in love with animation. She specializes in organic modeling, character design, and animation. Hannah also enjoys traveling with her family and learning about all the world has to offer and all that there is to know. When she isn’t animating or traveling, Hannah is found playing video games, hanging out with her pet guinea pig, crafting, drawing, and delving into her many other interests.