megan mclaughlin

Digital Animation

Megan is a passionate 3D animation student. Growing up she had a deep love for animation since she was a young child. Throughout the years she found that her passion was in the field of art. She loved to keep a sketchbook with her. During the start of her high school life she dreamed to become an animator. She would come home studying everything she could about how artists created animation both in the 2D world and 3D. Her passion brought from community college, an internship working at the Disney parks, to becoming a student studying 3D animation in the Digital Animation Center Program. Her dreams are to bring more creative, fun and heartfelt stories to a general audience through working at an animation studios that strive for those foundations to tell a story. She loves to test her limits and continue to think outside of the box. Her hard work, determination, creativity, and curiosity brought her to discover a new side of her artistic potential.