Sabrina de la Garza

Digital Animation

Starting in elementary school, Sabrina de la Garza has always been passionate about acting—in both a theatre setting and in front of a camera. At the age of 8, Sabrina was copying pages from plays at the library and practicing monologues for the family camcorder. By age 10, she had convinced her parents to drive her to an audition at a talent agency. While Sabrina would go on to participate in improvisational comedy and several other small plays, she found another passion later in her youth for visual and literary arts. Painting, drawing, and digital mediums afforded Sabrina another way to communicate emotion to a viewer. As a reader of literature, she developed a sense for meaning in the seemingly empty choices of an author or filmmaker. These passions merged at the University of Colorado Denver in the form of digital animation. As a character animator, Sabrina’s years of experience as a thespian and visual artist have equipped her with a critical eye for shapes and emotional authenticity; her love of literary techniques has pushed her to find meaning in every frame. Animation, for Sabrina, is a more intense and controlled version of stage acting and a cumulation of her passions. Sabrina de la Garza will be graduating summa cum laude in May 2021 with a BFA in 3D Animation.