Ryan Harrison Breuer

Digital Animation

Ryan Breuer was raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, but soon found a home in Colorado after high school graduation. While performing as an actor was initially his first career choice, he eventually unearthed his love for the sciences and studied Astronomy at the University of Colorado Boulder, receiving his Bachelor’s in 2015. Ryan hoped that one day he could merge his old acting dream with his love of the sciences. He discovered this was possible in the technical art of animation and made his way to CU Denver to study 3D Animation. While his main focus as a 3D artist has been on lighting, Ryan has since discovered his new passion for production management working from home during the pandemic on his senior thesis film. He now hopes to use his organizational and leadership skills to help other artists create their best work in the film and games industries.

Ryan strives to remain active in any community he is a part of. As a student, he has been a LYNX Leader for the College of Arts and Media’s National Summer Arts Program, a board member of CAM’s Dean Student Advisory Council, a designer and project manager for the Comcast Media & Technology Center, and a Principal Investigator in his research through CU Denver’s EUReCA! Program. In his free time, Ryan loves to take pictures, sing loudly in the car (or with a group of people), binge-watch murder mystery documentaries, play video games, and research his genealogical background.