Sonica N. Henriquez

Digital Animation

Raised in the English countryside, Sonica fell in love with the art of filmmaking and animation from an early age. While watching old cartoons and hand-animated movies on her tube tv, she would have a sketchbook close by in case inspiration struck. Sonica grew up drawing and designing characters in her low-tech environment, and picked up the concepts of cel animation from making flip-books, and watching Disney behind-the-scenes shorts. She slowly Transitioned from drawing and animating as a hobby -now in the US school environment, to focusing on animation as a career at CU Denver. She is set to graduate (Spring 2023) with her Bachelors in Fine Arts with a 3D animation focus and minor in illustration. After Sonica graduates, she will return to acquire a second bachelor’s degree in film. She aspires to dedicate her life to becoming a multi-talented filmmaker and freelancer.