Jessica Janice Fields

Digital Animation

Jessica J Fields, or “Jess” as she prefers, is an artist and storyteller first before anything else. She was born in Anaheim, California in March of 1997, but primarily grew up in rural Colorado. In 2015, she enlisted in the U.S. Army National Guard when she was 18 and, from 2016-2017, participated in the Global War on Terrorism as an artilleryman. However, even as a soldier, she was more known for art, as during her six-year enlistment, she completed 4 murals and 7 platoon/unit t-shirt designs, 2 of which murals and 3 of which t-shirts were completed while overseas in Kuwait or Iraq. She was even awarded by the commanders for ‘boost of morale’ with her artwork until the end of her service in 2021! She will graduate in 2023 from the University of Colorado at Denver with a BFA in 3D Animation, in the hopes of eventually going into film pre-production as a Story or Concept Artist. If she is not drawing comics and storyboards or freelance illustrating, she loves to play story-centered games like Dungeons and Dragons or watch animated content for the sake of enjoyment.