Brentan Elsenbrock

Digital Animation

Brentan Elsenbrock was raised in Houston Texas where he developed skills as a Fine Artist.Hes won the special merit award from his work ''Remanence of Compassion'' at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as a freshmen in high school in 2015. He will never forget what his art teacher Jody Respondek saw in him as he was technically rendering a section of his rodeo art piece.

Throughout his time during high school,Brentan had competed in various art competitions where he worked hard to hone in on his hyperrealism art style.In 2017,he decided to expand his interests to the world of graphic design.He worked to create various logos and graphic illustrations. Now Brentan will be graduating from the University of Colorado In Denver with a Bachelor of 3D Graphics and Animation in May 2024.He discovered his passion as an Environment Artist with an emphasis of hard surface modeling.