Piper Erin Combs

Digital Animation

Piper Combs grew up in Monument, Colorado and always had a strong passion for art and animation. In 2020, right after graduating high school, Piper applied to University of Colorado Denver and their digital animation center. She had no previous experience with any sort of 3D animation or modeling software, but still pushed hard to learn and do well with the learning curve. Piper got accepted after her first year and through the next few semesters, truly found herself to be fond of modeling and animating, more specifically character animation. She supported her classmates and worked hard in the animation department of her senior capstone, 'Mothman', to bring the character of their creation to life.

Piper also applied and worked as a Lynx Leader in the summer of 2023 to support students looking to experience part of the visual arts field; as well as give advice to students whether they did or didn't know what they wanted to do.

Piper's dream is to be a character concept artist and character animator after finishing her academic career. Applying what she had learned over the last few years to her own personal stories and projects, she continues to work hard in hopes of pursuing a career in the animation industry. Maybe one day, she hopes to have a series or small studio of her own.