Avery Buffington

Digital Animation

Avery Buffington is a 3D Generalist and Visual Development Artist based in Denver, Colorado. As a high school student growing up in Denver, Avery found her passion in 3D Animation at the LYNX National Arts and Media Camp at the University of Colorado: Denver which she attended for four summers before applying to UCD to major in 3D Animation. During her time as a student in the Digital Animation Program, she has found a love of the art of production design and creating the look and feel of an animated world. She now specializes in surfacing, lighting, and visual development. Outside of 3D work, Avery enjoys crafting costumes for comic conventions and has learned many craftsmanship skills such as sewing and tailoring costumes, styling custom wigs, and building props with woodworking, metalworking, and 3d printing. After graduation, Avery hopes to one day work on projects that push the envelope for the kinds of storytelling and creative worlds that animation can portray on screen.