Alicia Mai Thuy Mach

Digital Animation

Alicia Mach grew up in Aurora, Colorado. Before she came to study 3D Graphics/Animation, she was a pre-nurse major at University of Northern Colorado. She realized that nursing is not what she wants to do. She transferred to University of Colorado Denver in 2019 to study 3D Animation. She enjoys animation that includes filming and gaming. During freshmen year, she learned 3D modeling for the first time. Her first successful project she made was the Flying Car model. After she got accepted to be part of the DAC program, she made an Iron Man Mark VII helmet. Meanwhile, there was a course she was looking forward to which was character creation. She knew anatomy from her pre-nursing studies. Alicia successfully learned creating characters by following the anatomy proportions, and the model she made in Spring 2021 is Yan Xun from a Chinese Drama called "Princess Agents." While Alicia admires building characters, she supported her classmates for creating a main protagonist, the Hunter, in short, animated film called “The Fox and the Hunter.”

Alicia worked as a Lynx Leader in summer 2022 to support high school minorities experiencing the program. She joined in the Game Development club in the beginning of Spring 2023. Alicia is also a Photography minor. She worked as a Photography Editor with CU Sentry Newspaper. Her dream is to be a 3D Artist after she finishes her academic journey! She hopes to keep following her heart and her passion to pursue a career in any animation studio.