Claudia Valenzuela

Digital Design

Valenzuela is a graphic designer specializing in typography, vector graphics, photography, and editorial design. In her work, Valenzuela utilizes hand-drawn graphics to bring character to her pieces. Taking interest in projects designing zines, illustrative posters, and screenprinting, she finds inspiration in the world of print. Drawn to print, Valenzuela seeks ways to create an interactive experience between type and man. Valenzuela hopes to pursue a career in editorial design with the opportunity to unify photography and design in one medium. She strives to design for a better world by means of critical thinking, empathy, and respect.

In this, Valenzuela hopes to cultivate community and a sense of togetherness in her work. Primarily working in 2D, she has experience in installation art featuring pieces such as Meltdown (2021) cast in iron and displayed in the University of Colorado Denver’s Glass Case Gallery. Valenzuela had the opportunity to intern under the Meow Wolf Denver Project in the Spring of 2021 as a field art direction intern. In this role, Valenzuela worked closely with artists on installation and design spaces. During her time, she worked specifically with artist Shayna Cohn in her Sparkle Cave (2021) installation. Valenzuela’s design work has been recognized by the North Central College at the 2019 Graphic Design Exhibition for her group piece “Tic, Tac, Toe”.