Kylie Reagan

Digital Design

Kylie is an artist currently residing in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in package design, brand, and illustration. She was born in New Jersey and finished high school in Anchorage, Alaska before moving here 8 years ago. She has had a passion for art since a young age. From creating “masterpieces” on Microsoft Paint as a child to being inspired by realism pencil drawings throughout highschool, and then finding love for painting in her late teens and early twenties, pursuing a creative degree has always been in the cards. Kylie believes that one of the most rewarding things about being a designer is being able to bring other people’s creative visions to life. Looking into the future, She plans on working with small business owners and like-minded creatives to make inspiring and environmentally friendly package designs, brand identities, and wishes to continue her passion for painting and art in general.