Madeleine Elise McCullough

Digital Design

Madeleine McCullough is a Denver-based designer, born and raised in Grapevine Texas. In May 2022, Madeleine will graduate from the University of Colorado in Denver’s College of Arts and Media, with a BFA in Digital Design. Her educational experiences have shaped her core values as a designer; setting the bar high for the expectations she has for her professional future. In addition to her education, Madeleine worked as a Design Assistant for Bryan Leister LLC and the Denver Art Museum in collaboration on The Legacy of La Malinche exhibition It was here that Madeleine experienced the importance of making educated decisions to properly honor the subject’s contributions to the events of modern history.

Juggling various internships and freelance design positions during her educational journey taught her how to be comfortable with bouncing back from failed projects and improved her ability to empathize with the world around her. Madeleine is inspired to use her creative skills to enhance the lives of others through sustainable and inclusive approaches to design. She designs by the philosophy that creative solutions blossom from education and empathy.