kristina gyorfi

Digital Design

"Kristina Gyorfi specializes in print and motion design with the simple grace of creative inventiveness. Throughout all her experiences, she has been a self-directed person, constantly seeking to expand her knowledge in all areas of design, especially in the Adobe Suite and visual communication. Kristina’s passion for design led her to study Digital Design. Because design permeates all aspects of life, it is a powerful tool to make a difference in people's lives, in a way that is meaningful, beautiful, and effectively addresses clients' needs. Expressing artistic visions uniquely and creatively is her motto. As a designer, she strives to innovate, enhance, beautify, and harmonize people's lives and surroundings. Kristina believes anything is possible. We can change the world around us, one design at a time.

Kristina is a Colorado native. She enjoys gardening, drawing, and painting. Her inspiration for her designs come from the never-ending splendor of nature. "