marcelo cazon

Digital Design

I am a User Experience Design and Research enthusiast and a fan of the basic geometric line design. I have always been curious about how and why people make their decisions regarding products and services, and what companies do to attract new customers. That is why I decided to embark on this journey that is UX Design and Research. I am so passionate that when relatives or friends ask me about what I think about a certain product, I selflessly volunteer to do a "Full" product research for them. I literally geek about it, I Google the product, watch youtube videos, check social media, and I could spend an entire afternoon asking questions and reading reviews just to learn the ins and outs about the specific product. I also like to code when I have time although I am not a master of it I know my way around HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am also a big advocate for inclusivity and accessibility, and as a Digital Designer, I always keep this in mind when I am creating personas, building user flows and journey maps, or developing wireframes. Because after all it is said and done... It is about making the lives of people meaningful and memorable through good, accessible, and responsible design. I was born in Bolivia, South America and moved to Colorado in 1998. Currently, I am the UX Researcher Freelancer for Karsh Hagan where I can finally find out how and why people make their decisions, and what companies are doing to attract new customers.