Jackie Tran

Digital Design

Jackie Tran is a Denver-based user experience (UX) designer with a keen focus on user-centered frameworks and optimization. As a soon-to-be graduate with a BFA in Digital Design, Jackie has established his focus in UX design methodologies. His design arsenal boasts a diverse range of skills, including sketching, wireframing, user research, prototyping, usability testing, and the meticulous organization of grid structures and components. Jackie's design framework revolves around deep analysis and evaluation, ensuring that every aspect of his work is refined to perfection.

Jackie aspires to cultivate resilience, collaboration, and empathy in his professional endeavors. He embraces challenges as avenues for growth, constantly seeking to expand his horizons and refine his skills as a designer. Outside the realm of design, Jackie finds joy in hobbies such as Pokemon Trading Cards, Tennis, and PC gaming. He is also a dedicated collector of Pokemon cards, Funko Pops, and Pokemon memorabilia, showcasing his passion for collecting and appreciation for unique and nostalgic items.