Thomas Abrew

Digital Design

Hi, I’m Thomas, and I’m 23 years old; I like motion design and animation, it’s comfy and satisfying to make. On the other hand however, we can only do so much as individuals and this is especially true of the VFX industry. I have no issues with working on a team, but I also want to capitalize on my own ideas. Two of the included examples for this profile shows my untainted creative vision, they are Render of a Robot, and Ritsuki’s Journey. Render of a Robot is a 3D model with animated pinwheels, and Ritsuki’s Journey is a combination of motion graphics and 3D effects I learned from experimentation.

In the future I would like to try my hand at more 2D work. In the near future I will be setting off on a study abroad class in Tokyo, and will graduate soon after. Then, I will work on building up my portfolio more and apply for jobs in the process. I hope I can manage to bring at least a little unique happiness with my work.