Tammy Dinh

Digital Design

Tammy Dinh is a designer and graphic artist based in Denver, Colorado. Throughout her academic career, Tammy has worked across multiple fields of design with the mission of cultivating community and connection. In 2020, Tammy began her own online business selling handmade clay sculptures, art prints, and accessories. Within two years, and as a full-time student, she has cultivated an audience of over 100,000 people across Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Through her business, Tammy pursues her passion for forging paths forward for other creatives and building collaboration and community within the handmade art community.

Tammy's mission is to provide a safe space for audiences through her calming and comforting creations, inspiring others to incorporate peace, balance, and creativity into their lives at the same time. Through her unique background at the intersection of social media, business, and design, she helps brands build life-long connections with their audiences.