Richard Joseph Henry III

Digital Design

In 1995, Richard Joseph Henry III, known as Joseph Henry, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He's lived most of his life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and ended up migrating to Denver, Colorado for the art scene, abundance of music, and his education. Joseph is a digital design major, with a minor in illustration. He has a strong passion for all facets of design and the visual arts. This passion lead him to create UC Denver's Visual Art Club, which accrued roughly 150 members and held weekly meetings for 4 years. This club grew into an art-centric space on campus where students could connect with each other, share artwork, and participate in a vibrant, creative community which eased the stress for many students during the isolating time brought on by the Covid pandemic.

Joseph has done freelance work under his brand Evocate Design, which has created logos and brand identities for startups and small companies, one of which was a sponsor of a professional player in the PGA tour. Joseph actively volunteers for local organizations from the Cat Care Society, to the Ronald Mcdonald house, Roadrunner Food Pantry, and more. He plans to use his freelance business to enrich his local community by offering affordable branding and collateral services to non-profits and startups. He's also constantly cooking up artwork which will probably be used for something eventually.