Samuel Meraz

Digital Design

Embracing Resilience and Dreams Amidst Adversity.

Samuel Meraz, a descendant of Mexico, embodies resilience in the face of adversity, fueled by diverse passions and unwavering dreams, despite navigating the challenges of PTSD and ASD. His journey began amidst the captivating allure of Hollywood action scenes, where he found solace and strength in the discipline of Martial Arts and Boxing.However, Samuel's path has been marked by hardships from the start. Diagnosed with PTSD and ASD, his struggles were rooted in a traumatic event from before his birth. His mother's intense panic attack during a traffic accident while pregnant left a lasting impact, shaping his journey with resilience and determination.

In the realm of digital design, Samuel merges creativity with technology, crafting his visions into tangible works of art. Guided by the principles instilled by his magistrate father and lawyer mother, he upholds a deep sense of justice and equity in all his endeavors.But amidst his pursuits, Samuel nurtures a lifelong dream: to work in Hollywood, contributing his talents to the creation of the very scenes that first ignited his passion. His philosophy serves as a guiding light, offering him introspection and contemplation amidst life's challenges, as he strives to share his wisdom with the world.

Additionally, Samuel finds inspiration in fighting video games, drawn to the diversity and creativity of characters. He dreams of creating his own brand someday, blending his love for martial arts, design, and gaming into a unique and innovative venture.Through his journey of resilience and perseverance, Samuel Meraz stands as a beacon of hope, triumphing over adversity with unwavering dedication to his dreams, and a commitment to making his mark on the world's stage.