Brigette Ruby Lopez

Digital Design

Hello! My name is Ruby Lopez. I'm a digital design student at the University of Colorado, Denver with a great passion for motion design!

I’m a student currently studying digital design at the University of Colorado, Denver with a particular interest in motion design. I am experienced with software in the Adobe Creative Cloud and hope to expand my knowledge to a wide range of software. My current aspiration is to become a motion graphics designer, which has been a dream of mine since I learned what it meant. When I first got my hands on a computer as a child, I immediately began making videos using Windows Movie Maker. I loved playing with all the effects the software had to offer at the time. This hobby carried on throughout the years where I used Sony Vegas Pro and then transitioned to Adobe After Effects around 2016. I created small, personal projects for my own enjoyment and found immense joy in exploring how I could transform and create videos with each software. Since then, I discovered that I could study motion design and turn it into a profession.

I am always looking to improve my skills and can’t wait to discover how I can take what I love and continue to work with it in the future.