Kaetlyn Elizabeth Bailey

Digital Design

Kaetlyn Bailey, born and raised in Kentucky, is an interdisciplinary designer based in Denver, Colorado. After graduating high school, she decided to try something completely new and moved 1200 miles away from all she knew. Raised in the country, Kaetlyn had never experienced city living. Denver truly opened up her eyes and showed her just how vast the world is, along with the opportunities that can come with it. Kaetlyn will be graduating from the University of Colorado in Denver with a bachelor of fine arts with an emphasis in digital design as well as a minor in leadership studies. Kaetlyn loves being creative and has been an “artist” since elementary school. She always participated in any creative project she could and has spent much of her time creating a vast amount of artwork. She has several skills such as illustration, motion design, graphic design, UIUX researching/design, painting, branding/marketing, coding in HTML and CSS, printmaking, and knowledge of several different software packages.

After graduation, Kaetlyn hopes to find a job in Denver working in UIUX design as well as volunteering her time and skills to nonprofits. Kaetlyn strives to help as many people as she can through the use of the skills she hones and hopes to impact the world through her career.