Jordan Emiliano Urdiales

Digital Design

Jordan Urdiales is a digital artist and designer based in Denver, Colorado. Graduating in Spring of 2023, he studies Digital Design at the University of Colorado Denver. Consistently moving through his educational journey, he is proficient in several areas of art and design including, 3D motion graphics/animation, illustration, graphic design, and photography. As passionate as he is about art and design, he also has a deep passion for spreading love, keeping an open mind, thinking outside the box, and creating work that can be accessible to people of all walks of life. His mission is to continue growing his career in art and design, while letting his passions shine through every body of work. His design philosophy is to satisfy clients creative needs while making them stand out as unique and inspiring. In the long term, he has his sights set high, hoping to work alongside other highly renown creatives, in order to make a positive and lasting creative impact on the world surrounding him.