Jenna Samuelson

Digital Design

Jenna Samuelson is a UX/UI and graphic designer who loves creating visual elements and compositions. Originally wanting to pursue a path more aligned with fine art, Jenna discovered, through the visual language of design, how the implications and practices of art could elevate a user's experience. Since then, it has been Jenna's purpose and passion to focus on how visual elements communicate and elevate a user or audience's understanding, whether it be through creating a style guide, storyboard, graphics, and/or illustrations. As she begins to enter the workforce, Jenna hopes to demonstrate and contribute effective and pixel-perfect client solutions and outcomes using industry-standard programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and Figma. You can usually spot Jenna wearing a flat cap and Seahawk-themed sweatshirt either sketching, venturing to the library and bookstore, playing an interesting story-driven video game, or increasing her understanding and skill to acclimate greater knowledge in design, art, and culture.