Hector Aaron Maynez

Digital Design

Aaron Maynez is a Digital Designer based in Denver, Colorado attending the University of Colorado Denver. He is a first-generation high school graduate, first-generation military veteran, and soon-to-be first-generation college graduate. While serving in the United States Army, Aaron became an Engineer Sergeant, Paratrooper and graduated from the prestigious United States Army Ranger Course. Upon his honorary discharge from the Army, Aaron ventured into the design world and, through his studies, became enamored with UX/UI design. Since then, Aaron has worked with various small businesses across the Denver Metro Area and has strived to keep improving his design skills.

Aaron aims to instill discipline, hard work, and a positive attitude in all aspects of his professional and personal life. He welcomes new challenges and opportunities and capitalizes on the learning process they bring to be a better person and designer. He aims to work in a collaborative workspace to deliver designs that exceed clients' expectations, from the initial concept to a final polished deliverable.