Hayden Knoll

Digital Design

Hayden Knoll is a Digital Designer & Photographer based in Denver, Colorado and is currently a senior at the University of Colorado Denver pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design and photography.

Hayden has been fortunate to become adept in a variety of different fields, including branding, marketing, photography, animation, and motion design, and worked to refine his technical skills and techniques in a wide array of media. With a spoonful of curiosity and imagination, Hayden aims to continue learning and expanding his creative arsenal to tackle a variety of different projects in a way that will benefit the problem needed to address, unafraid to ask questions or reach out in order to ensure a level of transparent communication to reach the end product.

Hayden has been presented with incredible opportunities that helped jumpstart his career as a designer, including working as a Lead Designer for the College of Arts & Media's Visual Art Department and as a Content Creation Specialist at the Student Wellness Center. He was also awarded the Wolf Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship in 2022 for his commitment and focus on Digital Design.

Hayden seeks to build a career based on honesty, growth, and not being afraid of the unknown.