Austin Knewbow

Digital Design

Austin Knewbow is a University of Colorado Denver student working toward getting his Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Digital Design. He was born in Colorado and has the goal of helping get the Colorado art scene out there to get the recognition that it deserves. Throughout college, Austin has worked to excel in his skills and techniques in a variety of media, including graphic design, motion graphics and photography. These efforts have enabled him to provide creative solutions for many clients, which includes creating logos for IT GURU, Angels Never Come, and Lolicup. Not only did he create logos for these companies, but he also created many different design pieces that involve photography and video editing. Working with these companies has allowed him to get a feel of what it is like to work with clients which has helped him gain experience.

A Colorado native, Austin is committed to helping the local and regional art scene get the recognition he feels it deserves. In his free time Austin likes to work on his own company that he has started as well as working on his social media presence which has helped gain him a loyal audience. Through social media, Austin has been able to do work with many popular brands doing modeling which has helped him grow his name in the fashion world.

If you would like to reach out to Austin, feel free to message him on any form of social media, such as LinkedIn, Instagram or his website.