Stephanie Nicole Jordan

Art Practices

Stephanie Jordan is a trans-media sculptor whom works with a wide array of materials limited only by her intrigue as guided by texture, color, form or even the history of its interactions with the material world. During childhood and adolescence she fit well into the mold of normalcy, however, a divergence began later in life and led her out of what she describes as a period of observation or collection of behavioral data. After graduating high school early, she began the pursuit of higher education at Texas A&M while still 16. Through classes tangential to her liking of philosophy rooted in her debate experience, she was led to the beginning of her love for anthropology and study of the world’s cultures. Especially drawn to humanity’s earlier evolutionary civilizations for their state of living in close union with nature and other life forms, she finds great value in the benefits this provides for humanity’s inherent need for community and cooperation with respect for the mother our planet embodies.

Using two different, but related approaches in her practice, one seeks to learn and study real world cultures throughout human history and find common threads as her senior thesis show at Emmanuel Gallery demonstrates, while the other strives to discover ways of reintroducing the habits from ancient civilizations within the modern context and can be seen in the ongoing series “As Artifact” which initiated in the Auraria teaching gallery during the Fall semester of 2020, and most recently seen at Pirate Contemporary Art during March 2021 with her piece titled “Artifact Frame 1” included in the CU Denver Sculpture Club’s annual show.