emily przekwas

Art Practices

Emily Przekwas is a transmedia and social practice artist working across the mediums of sculpture, photography, and performance. Sculpturally, Emily's processes include oxyacetylene bending and welding steel metal rods into a variety of configurations that fit a conceptual narrative around diversity, feminism and existentialism. Her work has been shown at Emmanuel Gallery, Edge Gallery, Pirate Contemporary Art, and most recently at the Tactile Arts Exhibition at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts. A winner of the Chalk Art Photography Contest, she has performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder Comedy Show, and independent venues around Denver. As an outspoken feminist activist, Emily was covered in 2017 by the Denver Post's reporting of the #metoo movement. She produced and hosted a biweekly comedy show called Philosophy featuring local talent, the only local comedy show booked at parity. She will be receiving her BFA from University of Colorado Denver in Transmedia Sculpture in 2020.