devan murphy

Painting and Drawing

This body of work is focused on Casual Secrets; the fact that within my art there is always another layer of understanding from a dissociated stand point. This work is developed and has an observational element of past events and understanding of choices from a third perspective. This may contain dark or uncomfortable subject manor of ambiguous origin but from a third perspective can almost be seen with a sense of humor as trauma and humor are closely related. Using icons that may only represent something to the artist but just like viewing cloud forms that may mean nothing to someone, mean something to another. Unlike viewing clouds these images come from the psych of the artist which allow these casual secrets to be partially shared leaving some knowledge of the works up to the viewer cerebral and emotional inferences. This makes the work personal to both the viewer and the artist. allows for layers of understanding the Casual Secrets we keep with ourselves and are open for interpretation for those around us no matter how close or far away from the truth we sit. A mutual response to emotive painting and form continues giving the work life that breaks away like ultraviolet light from a prism, needing the right set of circumstances to be seen.