Kimberly Mata-Martinez

Art Practices

Born in Mountain View, California, Kimberly Mata-Martinez has always found art to be a constant and enjoyable part in her life. At the age of three she moved to Denver and continued her studies. As a first-generation college student in Regis University, her initial decision was to study Psychology. Kimberly enjoys science but something was always missing. Later on, she ended up hating any science course she took but she was fond by two classes: Painting & Drawing I and Art History I. The more she learned about the art world, the more she wanted to be involved.

Kimberly ultimately transferred to the University of Denver Colorado to pursue a degree in Art Practice. She anticipates her graduation in Spring 2021. Kimberly has always loved to watch anime, study the renaissance period, contemporary/abstract work and help her grandma collect the Homie Collection figures. The Eye Series emphasizes the Chicano cartoon and urban style, in addition she portrays anime influenced by Japanese comic and Asian culture. The Portrait Series is based on music genre and lyrics. Many of these portraits include abstract backgrounds. The abstract work is influenced by the love of color, mixed materials, exploring mark making and interpreting emotions.