samantha manion

Painting and Drawing

Denver contemporary artist, Samantha Manion, is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing at the University of Colorado Denver, College of Arts and Media. Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Samantha’s mixed racial background informs her artistic practice. As a biracial woman she sheds light on the inner secret lives of hispanic women. She documents the unseen rituals, traditions and habits of these women. By using herself and family members as a models she creates elaborate “sets” that re-enact their tender fleeting moments. Her painting is about her bi-racial identity, an experience that is an amalgam of white things and hispanic things alike. By using fabric and other found objects in her figurative paintings, her works are quilt-like, creating areas of refinement as well as areas of incompleteness.

Samantha has worked under renowned local artists: Suchitra Mattai, Doug Kacena, and Jonathan Saiz. Recent local exhibitions include group shows at Pirate Contemporary jurored by Mai Wyn of Mai Wyn Gallery, Emmanuel Gallery, Next Stage Gallery, Gallery 1874, and the Denver Art Society. She has been awarded the Eureka Grant in 2018, as well as Best of Show at Pirate Contemporary.